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2010-04-25 06:02:58 by FoxCoon

I'm almost halfway through this beast.
Having taken a gazillion drawing and animation classes, I almost feel ready to do some awesome stuff.
I say almost, since I haven't really been able to find the time to make said awesomeness.
That being said, I will be uploading more things, if not simply class projects, so you guys can watch me progress and evolve as an artist.
You sick perverts you.


2009-01-07 05:42:30 by FoxCoon

Someone actually accepted me. Starting January 12, I'll be a student at the Art Institutes of California, in Orange County, learning how to animate like a pro.
This way, I won't have any excuses for crappy work. XD

About my new Profile Image

2008-09-20 23:05:48 by FoxCoon

If you don't see it (you'll know when you do), give it time.

I call it awesome hog. I looked all over the internets for it and it did not exist. So I made it.
Simple as that. Complete DIY awesome.

That is all.


2008-03-15 14:53:53 by FoxCoon

LIQUID!! Now available as a fancy ringer for your phone! ngtone
Right click the clip and save it via Quicktime. If you can't, then send me a PM and I'll email the mp3 to you.

If I had anything more than a TracFone.. this would probably be my ringer as well..


2008-03-07 15:30:33 by FoxCoon

So yeah, what should've taken me a few weeks took a few months. I'm so incredibly lazy..

But this new flash.. it came from nowhere.

It isn't Batprime 2, which I was planning and then scrapped.
It isn't Come Outside 2, which is sitting on the back burners with maybe 12 seconds of finished film.
It's just.. LIQUIID.

I have weird tendencies.. I'll feel inspired to animate over the stupidest little thing.
I like to make them short, sweet, and to the point.
Of course, some times they don't make sense, but you can't win 'em all. ..Unless, y'know, you're Chuck Norris. Or Geno. Or maybe Kirby.


Anyway, I'm basically wasting space. This latest flash didn't take much on a technical standpoint, but it just didn't want to finish for the longest time. Now that it's done.. I kinda wanna do it again. Let's have another, Newgrounds.

Cold.. so Cold.

2007-10-29 17:05:30 by FoxCoon

I don't suppose many of you would be insane enough to go swimming in 35 degree water, chasing after a bird that won't fly. And not catch it. Anyone? Just me? Huh. okay.

Subsequently, I now have a pretty heavy cold. my voice is crackling and my nose is stuffed up, not to mention I feel like frozen poo on a stick. So.. production has slowed.

More at 11.

About "Come Outside!!"

2007-10-21 15:18:00 by FoxCoon

I get to rant about something I actually kind of put effort into!

The idea came from my daily brain dumps; sometimes I have so much swimming around up thar that I'd explode in a fiery blaze of randomosity.
I'm a little bit crazy in the head, as my friends already know and most of you have probably figured out, and thanks to my wide range of vocal expressions, I can talk to myself in ways that will freak out the normal person. One such conversation found its way into my microphone.

I try really hard to emit the feeling of actual conversation rather than just read off a bunch of scripted lines, and it works sometimes. Sometimes. There are other occasions -coughBatPrimehackchoke- when that cheesy dialogue is just what I'm looking for.

When I listened to the audio a few times, I figured.. "why not pump a quick cartoon out of this?" and after 20 hours or so of work, I lay my tablet aside and heave a sigh of relief, for my low-budget 24-hour flash made the deadline with time to spare. On upload, I sat quietly in my chair, swiveling back and forth in anticipation. Would my Brain-fart of a Flash pass judgement? What would my reviews say? Would people actually like this crap?

Epic, I know. That's how the mind works. What's life without the suspense? I'll tell you what it is. Lumber. That's what it is. Don't get it? I'll tell you when you're older.

Anyways, much to my suprise, not only did Come Outside get positive reviews, but i got requests asking for more. "More?" said I. "..More. that is.. illogical. System Error."

I dunno if I will (or even can) come up with a sequel or continuation for Come Outside, but I can only hope that the NG goers will pleased when BatPrime 2 is done. Oops. Did I leak a bit of something there? Cork it up, Ramone; we got a lonnnng day ahead of us.

The Adventures of BATPRIME!

2007-10-16 22:45:32 by FoxCoon

It's hard to say how it came to be. What started out as a comic me and my friend drew turned into a random recording out of boredom, which in turn became a Half-assed attempt at a flash movie.

Let it be known. I am a Flash Newb. I know little to nothing about its mystical workings. So of course, I came across problems that I cannot fathom. If not for the generous users here on Newgrounds, I would've surely gotten blammed. xD

Still, fixings are being made thanks to some of NG's more experienced users. And mayhap, just Mayhap, BatPrime will become a fairly recognizable thing.


2007-09-29 18:00:28 by FoxCoon

What to say? Not much goes on in the world here. If I had something better than Shockwave, I'd post something too. Ah Well, maybe you'll catch some of my crap on youtube someday.